We Believe

Our congregation is the local expression of the worldwide community of faith known as the United Methodist Church.   We celebrate the privilege we have to bear witness to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord in our families, our neighborhoods, our work or school settings and in our communities.  In Spirit and in Truth, we put faith into action as we grow together in our understanding of how being a disciple of Christ transforms our lives and empowers us to participate in the transformation of the world in which we live.  To find out more about what United Methodists believe, click here.   

 Specific to our church is our mission statement: Serving people for Jesus Christ so that we may all know joy.  To serve others we recognize that we must have a strong foundation of faith built on scripture interpreted with integrity using intellect, experience, traditions of the church and prayerful discernment.  Admittedly, we don’t always agree on the details, but by God’s love and saving grace experienced in Christ Jesus we are able to celebrate our diversity and serve God in unity.

At Buffalo United Methodist Church, we are growing as disciples of Jesus. We study and serve,  worship and fellowship for the purposes of growing together and making the world more like God intends it to be. We are a joyful people in a difficult and challenging world. We don’t pretend that life is perfect or easy for followers of Jesus, but we have faith in God’s love for us and the world. We want to share in every home, workplace and neighborhood the Good News that has been given to us. Whether that Good News is a word of hope, an hour of companionship, or the sharing of what Jesus has done in our  lives, we hope that our lives reflect the love of Jesus for all people. Everyone has good news to share.

As United Methodist Christians, scripture is the foundation of our faith. We use our minds, our experiences, the traditions of the church, and prayerful discernment to determine the meaning of God’s word today. We study the Word with care in  order to learn more about God’s will for our lives. We do not always agree on the details, but God’s love through the saving grace of Jesus holds us together as one active and diverse community.

Through Jesus we know joy, because we are finding

  • healing where we were injured
  • freedom where we were addicted
  • community in place of isolation
  • contentment in place of growing debt
  • service in place of selfishness
  • wisdom in place of rhetoric
  • and hope in a frightening world.
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